How much does a typical 3D video costs?

It depends. The cost is related to the style, length and complexity of the video.


How long does it take to create 3D animation video?

That also depends on several factors. On average you can expect 2-5 weeks of production time, which does not include the time required for your feedback and revisions, which can add 2-3 weeks on average to the total time. Every project is unique, thus turnaround varies a lot.


But we’re just a small company, can we really afford a 3D animation video?

Of course! We are always open to discuss the cost. Can lower it by increasing production time or via other methods.


How do feedback and revisions work?

3D animation creation process is a team effort and your collaboration is key to producing a successful one. At each step in the process, you will have unlimited amount of revisions, with the exception, if your changes are too substantial.


What do you need to start cooperation with us?

You need to talk with our manager, discuss your project, how your animation should look, discuss the price, timeline and other details. After signing an agreement and sending initial 50% of the project total we will start working on your video.


What if I already have CAD/3D model?


Great, then the cost of your video will be cheaper depending on the status of your model.