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Our Awesome Features.

Fixed Pricing

We offer fixed prices for every second of animation. This way you’ll always be able to stay within budget.

Constant Feedback 

You have the opportunity to provide feedback at every stage of the project. This gives you the opportunity to have your project completed they way you imagined it.

Fast Turnaround

We work fast. We will also give you a specific delivery dates for everything we do. This means you’ll know exactly when each part of your video will be complete.

No middleman

You will be working directly with animators and illustrators, there is no middle man. This means that you will get lightning fast responses, as well as keeping the cost lower

Replies Within 1 Hour

We understand the need for a quick response. This is why we always aim to get back to client queries within 1 business hour (unless you reached us during sleep hours). We’re a very responsive team, just like service should be.

Ultimate Creativity

We’ve worked on various styles of animated explainer videos. We constantly learn new styles and ways to illustrate and animate. Our goal is to create the best possible video for you and your brand.

Experts In Each Field

Vidumogo is made up of experts in their fields. Illustrators, Animators, Project Managers, Copywriters, Graphic Designers.

Step-by-Step Process

We have a step by step process for every explainer video type we work on. This means we can progress each project quickly as well as keeping quality at the highest level.

Video is THE KING!

If you are not using video to promote your business, services, then you are losing to your competition, because VIDEO increases your sales, conversions. VIDEO is the future of content.


The production process consists of 6 steps

STEP 1 – Briefing

We meet with you. We learn about what it is you do/sell/are. We understand your goals. We ask you to fill out our creative brief and submit it to us, which really helps us to get a better understanding of the vision of your product/process.

STEP 3 – Storyboard

We provide you a range of available styles, either you pick one, or provide reference. Then we create sketched storyboard, where you will be able to see general layout of each scene.

STEP 5 – Voice over

We provide you with a selection of voice overs to choose from based on your criteria: age, gender, tone and feel, accent.

STEP 2 – Script

We write a script that will engage the viewer and ultimately, accomplish the goals you have set to achieve.

STEP 4 – Illustrations

After we made all major adjustments to the storyboard and it has been approved, we create final quality illustrated storyboard, which will show you exactly how your final video will look like.

STEP 6 – Final Video

We create your final video using your chosen voice over, add background music and sound effects, do some animation magic and you got yourself an animated explainer video. From start to finish it may take from 2 to 5 weeks. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions section.

Some of our clients testimonials

This is my second whiteboard animation work done with Audrius. Easy to work with, is a problem solver, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure his clients success. Highly recommend (except when I need him)! – Raymond Gonzalez

Just an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. Great communication, fantastic product. This was our second project with Audrius and we will work with him again. Thanks again – Errol Clark

Very understanding and gifted animator. One of the best out there! I would not hesitate to use him again. He was very understanding and patient with our editing process. He understood that these videos would be used for education and took all feedback very constructively. A+! – Chris Palmeiro

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical video costs?

It depends. The cost is related to the style, length and complexity of the video.

How long does it take to create explainer video?

That also depends on several factors. On average you can expect 2-5 weeks of production time, which does not include the time required for your feedback and revisions, which can add 2-3 weeks on average to the total time. Every project is unique, thus turnaround varies a lot.

But we’re just a small company, can we really afford an explainer video?

We have a wide range of style to choose from, thus you will be able to create explainer video ‘’on budget’’.

Why should I choose to work with Vidumogo?

We create videos for business that tell stories, educate customers, delivers your message.. We’ve produced videos for everyone from Startups to the Fortune 500. Our videos are built to meet your business objectives and deliver measurable results.

An Experienced, Creative Animation Studio Specializing in Creation of Whiteboard Animation, 2d Animated Explainer Videos.

Vidumogo is a full service animation studio started in 2012, specializing in Animated Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Animation Videos, Videoscribe Videos, Video Infographics, Mobile App Videos, Screencast Videos and Training Videos. Our standard engagement includes Script Writing, Storyboard/Visual Concept, Professional Voice Over, Custom Illustrations, Animation, Background Music & Sound Effects. Our clients range from Fortune 500 to Start Ups.

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