The Process


Our creative process for creation of whiteboard animation, 2d/3d animated explainer videos.

STEP 1 – Briefing

We meet with you. We learn about what it is you do/sell/are. We understand your goals. We ask you to fill out our creative brief and submit it to us, which really helps us get a better understanding of the vision of your product/process.

STEP 3 – Storyboard

We provide you a range of available styles, either you pick one, or provide reference. Then we create sketched storyboard, where you will be able to see general layout of each scene.

STEP 5 – Voice over

We provide you with a selection of voice overs to choose from based on your criteria: age, gender, tone and feel, accent.

STEP 2 – Script

We write a script that will engage the viewer and ultimately, accomplish the goals you have set to achieve.

STEP 4 – Illustrations

After we made all major adjustments to the storyboard and it has been approved, we create final quality illustrated storyboard, which will show you exactly how your final video will look like.

STEP 6 – Final Video

We create your final video using your chosen voice over, add background music and sound effects, do some animation magic and you got yourself an animated explainer video. From start to finish it may take from 2 to 5 weeks. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions section.

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